3. PixTeller 

PixTeller is another platform that offers online tools to create wallpapers, both for phones and for desktops. You don't need to worry about what you are going to design since it has various templates to be personalized. 

The features PixTeller provides are crop, resize, adjustment, gradient, and illustration tools for wallpaper making. But, you need to register before starting to create your own wallpapers. 

4. Visme 

Visme is a graphic design creator, like videos, presentations, infographics, and also digital wallpapers. Just like other online wallpaper makers, you have to register or log in to use its tools. 

Visme has many beautiful templates. You can custom everything in it, so it won't be difficult to express yourself. Creating wallpapers will be fun and make you get the wallpaper you always want. 

5. DesignHill 

DesignHill is actually a creative marketplace that provides all you need about design making, from the business, the designer, to design concepts. 

This platform also provides a free online wallpaper maker and also free business card printing templates. You can get many inspirations from the templates. You can also change the details and make it as personal as you want. When you are done, you can download it in JPG, PNG, or PDF formats.

Those are 5 online wallpaper makers with amazing features to help you design wallpapers. Some features and designs that are available there are free. But, you need to pay to get the full experience. 

So, which platform do you prefer to create your own wallpapers? Just visit their websites, get started, personalize the design templates, download your masterpiece, and set it on your device's screen.