There are many advantages to owning and using a business card. That's why it becomes one of the must-have networking tools for all professionals and businesses. 

Talking about Singapore business card, did you know if there are some etiquettes when it comes to exchanging the card? 

Actually, business card etiquette is essential to know and apply since it will represent yourself and your business. You definitely want to represent and make a good impression, right? So, you need to know a few rules and guidelines for giving and receiving the card. Here is a list of business card etiquette that you can follow!  

1. Make Sure You Prepare a Professional-Looking Business Card in Your Cardholder 

How can you make a good impression with an unprofessional and crumpled business card? That is why, before exchanging your card with another, you need to make sure that you are ready with your presentable and professional-looking business card. Besides, to avoid the card being crumpled and protect the card from tear and wear, you need to make sure that you put the card in the cardholder or any container. But, please avoid putting your card in your wallet.  

2. Always Bring Your Card! 

You never know when and where you will meet someone who asks about your business card. That is why the second rule you can follow is to always bring your card wherever and whenever you go outside. Instead of saying that you forgot to bring your card or any other excuse that would make you look unprofessional, you better be prepared to bring your card for any occasion. 

3. You Don't Have to Hand Over Your Card to Everyone You Meet 

Yes, we do know that a business card is a networking and marketing tool. But that doesn't mean you have to hand over your card to everyone you meet at the event to immediately receive as many calls as possible and connect with lots of people. You still need to identify and be selective when it comes to giving your business card. Besides, you can also hand over your card when people are interested and want to connect with you because they will most likely ask you for it. 

4. Receive the Card as It Is Presented to You 

When someone gives you their business card, identify which hand they used to present the card to you. Do they use their right hand or two hands? If they use the right hand, then accept the card with the right hand too. But if they use two hands, then you better receive the card using two hands too. You can do the same when you want to pass your card to them.  

5. Read the Card First and Show Your Enthusiasm by Commenting on the Card 

Once you receive the card, don't rush to put the card into the cardholder. Another business card etiquette that you should know is that you should take a look at the card and focus on making a positive comment about it. You can comment on how good the logo, business name, business card design, and many more.