Another year, another time for us graphic designers to predict the next trending thing within the community. From font to 3D animation, there will always be a trending topic for a specific topic. Of course, the same goes for colors. Every year, there will be colors that will become trendy and eventually be overused or used for a specific purpose. Now, which colors will have such a kind of fate in 2021? Let’s check them out!

1. Fading Color

Fading color represents many things, and in this case, they represent nostalgia. The nostalgia is a reflection of how the world is feeling right now with the case pandemic, and they are slowly getting into the trend due to people’s longing toward the time before the pandemic. How long will this color be in trend? Nobody knows. What’s sure is the fact that the color will stay in trend as long as we are missing our memories from the past.

2. Monochrome

Monochrome is another name for black and white. The color is slowly getting into trend again but not as a throwback to the past. Rather, it will be used to shape the future into something better.

The movement can also start to be seen everywhere, ranging from Johnie Walker’s new package which is plastic-free. This indicates that Johnie Walker is walking toward a sustainable future represented by the color Monochrome. Some graphic design agencies are starting to show their movement by rebranding using this color.

3. Message with a Single Colour

Believe it or not, but now we can actually send a message or show our opinion by a single color alone. A great example of such a concept is the use of black to show support for Black Lives Matter (uploading blacks on Instagram).

We recently started with the year 2021, but such things are already trending here. A good example of this is Thailand’s democracy movement that is represented with the color red. Eventually, there will be more messages represented later this year using colors only.

4. Limited or Self-Made Color Palette

A limited color palette is a concept of using certain colors only for the graphic design agency’s campaign. They usually consist of two colors that would combine perfectly, such as red-blue, black yellow, black-white, and many more.

Some brands will take the word “limited” literally by creating their own color. The creation is usually done by combining two colors until the company gets a new color that relates to the company’s vision and mission.

5. Soft Colors

Soft colors were everywhere in 2020, and they are about to do the same thing in 2021. It makes sense for soft colors and pastels to trend, as the colors can always calm our minds and give us a sense of peace, especially during this pandemic.

Since the year just started, you will not see them everywhere. But they will definitely become of the most trendy colors in 2021.