A classic and unique website is crucial to every business, either small or big, to ensure better services to existing and potential customers. To make a website work credibly, efficiently to its best usage, and foster customer relationships, there are specific procedures for web designers to follow. 

Below are five common 'web design mistakes' web designers should avoid when designing or upgrading the website for their clients to protect their clients from losing their customers : 

Unmoderated CTA Design 

One of the most common web design mistakes is not having a well-placed and moderated Call To Action that tells visitors what information they need to provide, what action they need to take, and what they will get from taking such action. 

Therefore, to avoid this mistake, web designs should have an understandable, moderate, and non-confusing CTA that provides vital information to the visitors.  

Designing A non-scalable Website  

Another common web design mistake made by web designers is building a website loaded with information and more than needed images and graphics. Many people do this because they want to conquer the attention of the visitors. As a result, they build a cluttered, unstructured website that is both ambiguous for the visitors and uneasy to manage for their clients. 

To avoid the mistakes mentioned above, the web design interface should be well divided into a few pages with concise components and proper application of these components to build a scalable website.  

Hidden Navigating Icons 

Among web design mistakes you should avoid when designing a website is trying to make some navigating icons or menu such as about us icon, contact us icon, and Faq icon invisible or hard to access for the visitors. It may make them stop visiting the website.  

To avoid this, try to organize your site's navigation with an intuitive navigating menu and icons, unhide and arrange them where they can be easily noticed, accessed, and comprehended quickly by the visitors.  

Loading Too Many Links 

Also, some web designers make these common web design mistakes by creating many links in the website, to the tune that visitors who visit the website, through these multiple links, leave the site unaware to another site and never return to the initial website. 

To avoid these web design mistakes, you should limit the links you load on the site and design a well visible and easy to access back icon so that your visitors can easily return to your website. 

Using A Non-Cross-Browner Compatibility Screen Resolution 

Another most common web design mistake by web designers is that some just design a website without test running its compatibility with different browsers and devices. They just believe that the website will work perfectly, and with this, things might go the other way round.  

To avoid this, you should always design the best fit and compatible website with every screen resolution and device. Try to test run the site with the commitment to ensure a bug-free website for your visitors. 

The above listed 5 most common web design mistakes are just a few among the most often web designers overlooked mistakes. Now that you have identified these mistakes, you can devise some strategies to avoid or fix them in your subsequent web design attempt.