The graphic design world is full of stories that can be used as inspiration by graphic design agencies. The stories can be touching, full of inspiration, gives lots of insight, and many more.  Of course, there are many controversial stories that show graphic design agencies on things they should not do. Here are some examples of the said controversial stories.

1. Dirty Bird

Dirty Bird is a fried chicken brand that caters to the audience during music festivals. Sure, they have lots of fans due to the food they offer during festivals, but there are many people who hate brand design. Their design lives up to their name, combining d and b in such a way to the point where it looks like a phallic. Is it clever? Yes, it is. However, it is also seen as inappropriate. The designer claimed that it’s just putting the two letters strategically and nothing more, but with menus named “Touch My Thigh,” we are a bit doubtful about that.

2. Starbucks Mermaid

Before the mermaid dominated the sphere, there used to be a circle black frame surrounding it that had the word “Starbucks Coffee.” The decision to take out the frame is due to Starbucks’ decision to cater to the people that do not drink coffee. However, the backlash over the removal of the circle was pretty strong as people were fond of it. Nevertheless, Starbucks still took it out, and the logo grows on people now.

3. Instagram

Instagram did not start as a rainbow logo as how it is today. Instead, it used to be in the form of a brown camera with several colors at the top. When Instagram decided to rebrand in 2016, the backlash was massive. For some people, the design was too simple and minimalistic. In fact, many people claimed that they could do Instagram’s logo.

Just like Starbucks, Instagram remained with its changes, and the logo becomes one of many people’s favorites now.

4. Uber’s Constant Failure in Rebranding

What made Uber stand out from other applications was its big U. so when Uber took out the U and changed it with a cable or some sort, many people were angry over it. People claimed that the U was their sole guide when they are unable to see the screen clearly when they are tired, and now their only guide is gone. Uber rebranded itself in 2018 by literally spelling out the application, but Twitter was not amused with it,

5. Airbnb

Airbnb is a beloved application when it comes to inexpensive rental, but the same cannot be said with its logo. The logo went through many insults during its rebranding, from the copy of Automation Anywhere to its “resemblance” to a sexual organ. Nevertheless, they stick with the design until now.

The said controversial graphic design events left a deep remark within the society, and they are still told even until today. Let them be a lesson for graphic design agencies on the things that should not be done without doing them.