Before a social media post could stand out, it must have a unique visual awareness and permanent retention and be in the front line of others to catch up the right audience's attention with what applies to them. Also, you need to improve on its contents and strategize the best ways to do it.  

Below are a few tips on how to improve your social media posts with a chance of gaining your audience awareness and enhance its lasting memorability : 

Choose The Right Color 

Choosing the right color is one of the tips that can make your social media designs or posts achieves their objectives, irrespective of the posts, be it personal or brands. Using the right color theme, combination, and designs in your posts is crucial because it helps you convey what your associated brands and packages want to offer or reflect your emotions or feelings to your targeted audience and enhance their perceptions.  

Use Limited And Legible Text Fonts 

The legibility of the text and fonts you used is best displayed and depends on the right color combination you choose. Your next concern is how to make your posts on social media achieve their goals and targets. And you can best do this effectively by using limited and easy-to-remember words as simply as you can, with legible fonts to express yourself or your brands on your social media posts to your potential audience.  

The fact is that a few words, one or two lines is enough to deliver your messages.  

Use A Right Negative Or White Space 

Another way to improve and makes your social media posts stand out depends on how you filter or set up its contrast. That is, how you implement the best contrast to right balance your image, colors, fonts, alignment, background, layout, shapes, and host of others, to bring lively the content of your social media posts and attracts the targeted audience.  

It is what is referred to as Negative or White spacing of your posts.  

Post Appropriate Content To Each Platform You Use 

This is another tip to improve your posts on social media. At the back of your mind, you must put it that each social media has its different platform, user-generated content, product images, post format, and audience. For example, the Facebook platform is different from the Twitter platform. We have LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, WhatsApp, and a host of others with different platforms, content capability, format, and audiences.  

Having these in mind will improve your social media posts because you will research to familiarize yourself with what goes well with each social media platform before making your posting via them. 

Be Creative 

To have unique and stands out social media posts, you need to be creative with varieties of eyes catching uncommon content, graphics or images. Be creative in the sense that your social media content is consistent with what is inspired by your feelings or portraying and showcasing your brands to your targeted audience.  

Having gone through the listed above 5 designs tips to improve your social media posts, I believed it will assist you to achieve your specific social media posts goals and expectations.