Brochures as an advertising medium are commonly used by many Singaporean companies. Even though it is mainstream, brochures have better benefits than other print promotional media. The form is concise and contains the required information, so the reader does not have to always rely on sales employees to ask questions because almost all the information needed is already listed in a brochure. 

Even so, brochure design also has a role in making a brochure function optimally. Without an attractive design, readers are unlikely to pick it up because they basically need the information. If a brochure is created for promotional purposes, it helps the designer to understand some of the following important things in making a promotional brochure design that attracts readers. 

Complete Information 

In advertising with brochures, do not forget to include a price list for each product being promoted. A complete brochure design with detailed information like this will be preferred by readers because they get complete information. Information related to products and companies should also be displayed, such as product photos. Product photos are an absolute must. Due to its function as an advertising medium, make sure the product being promoted must include a photo. You can also use photos of public figures as product brand ambassadors and still include elements of product photos. 

Word Choice 

The choice of words or diction is one of the elements of a successful brochure design. Play with the reader's emotions so that those who were only glimpsed can be interested to find out more about the information in the brochure. Between the diction and the product being promoted must have a correlation.