Persuasive Selling Skill 

The skill mentioned in no. 4 is another skill that many digital marketers fail to specialize in. when it comes to creating content, it should be with the intent of “selling” the product or service advertised, no matter what it is.  

Since the sole point is selling the advertised product/service/tagline, we need to ensure that they’re being exposed to the content. For example, if you’re having a video, you can have the actors use the product or pass by the tagline. Any kind of strategy can be used, as long as the product is exposed to the audience.  

Of course, the selling strategy used should be adjusted to the content of the product. Make sure that it’s natural and doesn’t look forced. 

Content Development 

Last but not the least, we have content development. Content development is the most important of all, as it is the part that attracts customers to your brand. To create the right content, the digital marketing team would need to do thorough research on the targeted customer and the kind of content that would attract them. Some aspects should be noted, such as the social media that will be used for the content. 

For example, our audience is teenagers. Tik Tok is the latest trend among teenagers, so we should use the platform’s features and viral songs to create the content. The content’s format should also be adjusted so that they can catch our audience’s attention. 

Wrap Up 

The skills mentioned above are the basic skills startups must-have when it comes to digital marketing. Although they might sound simple, don't underestimate them. If the skills are combined, they can create a powerful digital marketing strategy that will garner people’s attention.  

However, if you think that the skills are too overwhelming for the startup, you can always opt for other digital marketing agencies to take care of the digital content for you.