Which entrepreneur does not want a successful digital marketing campaign? If done correctly, digital marketing can boost the startup’s product or brand tremendously. To help you achieve the goal you want, we have provided 5 digital marketing tips every startup should try out. 

The tips are not new, as they are small steps that are commonly done in digital marketing. The tips are: 

1. Set a Clear Goal 

One of many startups’ biggest mistakes is not setting a clear goal for thor digital marketing or not. Having a clear goal is pivotal since the goal defines the strategy that will be used. Do you want to increase exposure? Then you can opt by using influencers. Or do you want to have a conversion to your product? Then you ought to focus on promotions and the like. Different goals have different types of approaches. Hence, we need to know what the goal of the digital marketing campaign is. 

2. Get the Right Social Media 

Different approaches apply not only to the goals but also to the kind of social media used by people. Every social media is unique in itself and has different kinds of audiences. The kinds of content that go viral also differ. Let’s take a look at some of the social media that are commonly used in a digital marketing campaign: 


Twitter is an idea-sharing platform that has existed as long as Facebook. Many users would stay up late on the bird platform to exchange ideas. Since Twitter focuses on user engagement, startups need to pay extra attention to how they engage the users here. If the engagement is done right, it can go viral  


Instagram is a photo-sharing app many people used to show off their works, be it pictures, drawings, or maybe just random activities. Brands mostly use Instagram to showcase their products. Since Instagram showcases pictures, we need to pay extra attention to the pictures posted along with the layout of our Instagram profile. 

Tik Tok 

Tik Tok is currently known as the latest hits among the younger generation. The video-sharing platform never fails to deliver engaging content thanks to the features that can unleash the creativity of its users. It also means that you will need to think extra hard to compete with other users’ creative content, though. 


Every year, someone will say that Facebook will die, and every year that person will be wrong too. Although Facebook looks “outdated” compared to other social media platforms, it still has tons of active users that never fail to share content. Due to the various age ranges, Facebook is perfect for advertising your product. It does take several tests and brainstorming to get the perfect strategy for Facebook, though.  

3. Use the Platform’s Paid Ad Service 

The word “paid” might be a turn-off for some people, but the feature can help us boost our brand or product. What makes paid ads great is the fact that your ad will be prioritized and will always pass the user’s timeline (as long as their interest matches the algorithm). If you can utilize the given priority and post something that can catch the audience’s interest, you’ll be able to make your paid ad viral, doubling the benefit compared to the cost spent on the ad. So don’t be too frugal and utilize the platform’s paid ad feature!