High quality postcard printing is not the only thing that matters in producing a postcard that can work effectively on your target market. 

There's actually a way to make your postcard look even better after printing, which is adding finishes. 

There are several postcard finishes that you can choose to make it look better or enhance the quality of your printed marketing tool. 

Now, let's get into some of the popular types of finishes for postcard printing. 

1. Metallic Ink 

You can choose to print your postcard text with metallic ink if you think using the regular ink is boring. Of course, it doesn't mean that you can use this for the entirety of your postcard. Just spice it up a little and highlight the most important part of it with this ink. The metallic ink can be used on text, pattern, or other parts you want to make it stand out more. It is a good way to highlight a certain part of your postcard by making it look shiny. 

2. Embossing 

Embossing is one of the most popular types of postcard finishes after printing. A selected part, usually a text will be made raised by getting pressed between two plates. With this, your postcard will have a unique feel. The embossing finish is an ink-free process that can make your postcard look more elegant and polished. This way, you just might be able to impress your target audiences. 

3. Spot UV 

Spot UV is a way to either coat or highlight an area on your postcard. If you decide to cover the entirety of your postcard with spot UV coating, then it will appear shiny on the entire surface. But you can also limit it only to a certain part of the postcard for the extra shiny effect. For example, you can add UV coating on the name of your company, special promotion, or others that need extra attention. 

4. Die-Cutting  

To make unique patterns, shapes, or cut out certain parts on your postcard to make it look more appealing, die-cutting is the perfect way to do it for you. 

With die-cutting, you can trim even the most intricate parts on the card stock for postcard printing and polish it so that it looks unique. This finish will give you a result that looks like no other. 

5. Lamination 

Lamination for post card printing is sometimes debatable. It gives your postcard a protective layer, but at the same time will make it difficult to write on if needed. Some people prefer to laminate only the font part and leave the back part untouched. 

These 5 finishes are not all that you can choose. Different printing services may offer more finishes so make sure that you ask for the options that you can choose before you make a decision. Be careful not to overdo the finishes even though you can choose more than one. Keeping your postcard simple and practical works best at all times instead of pushing it too far.