Rank Math 

The Rank Math plugin has been available to WordPress users since the beginning of last year. With the help of a setup wizard, all settings from Yoast and AIO SEO can be imported with just one click - for a smooth transition to Rank Math. The advantages of Rank Math include: 

It consists of a smaller set of files and has a positive effect on the website's loading time. In terms of user-friendliness, this is a significant advantage over Yoast SEO and AIO. 

With highlights such as the 404 monitor, the redirect manager, and full integration of the Google search console, Rank Math emerges as more functional than the competition. 

The plugin is my favorite plugin currently.  

Keep in mind you should not use Rank Math together with Yoast or All in One SEO Pack. It does almost the same function. So choose the best one for you.  

The SEO Framework  

This plugin is integrated into the editor and provides editable fields for each article, and each page corresponds to those of the other plugins. The SEO Framework is - as the name suggests - a kind of framework with which the required SEO functions can be easily reloaded. It is noticeable: 

The design of The SEO Framework is clearer - everything looks tidier, and the essential functions are compressed. 

Of course, functions such as the readability analysis or the focus keyword are also missing. 

Broken Link Checker 

The Broken Link Checker automatically draws attention to faulty or broken links and is one of the most popular plugins. Without this monitoring tool, you would have to manually check the links from time to time - an annoying and time-consuming task. With the Broken Link Checker, you will be informed about this automatically by email.