We did not get our amazing graphic design tools and lifestyle today just like that. The previous graphic designers who lived before our time had to go through so many processes to shape the graphic design community today. They also went through many revolutionary graphic design moments that change the community. Here are five of those moments.

Computer Arts

Yes, we've been doing art on the computer for ages. However, before using applications for art was a thing,  There was an era where art was mostly done manually. Until Computer Arts arrived in 1995.

The year 1995 was the year of Computer Arts. Computer Arts are the  Magazine that gave tips and tricks on how to create art using applications on the computer. It might sound simple for us now, but it was a huge game-changer during those days. Thanks to Computer Arts, graphic designers were able to create their work in a more efficient manner. Because of Computer Arts, people are more technologically aware when it comes to using the computer for designing. The magazine might have shifted its focus now, but it was definitely one thing that changed the graphic design community.


Before the arrival of IKEA, everything was about luxurious furniture. Everything used to be in what we call now classical furniture, and houses were full of them. However, IKEA changed everything. When housewives saw the IKEA advertisement, it changed their perspective regarding home decoration. IKEA contributed to the concept of a minimalist household. Although IKEA’s minimalistic concept only applies to households, it slowly changed people’s tastes regarding graphic design.


The first thing that makes the iMac so loved by designers is its futuristic design. As a matter of fact, the futuristic design was one of its selling points. Many designers fell in love with iMac’s design when it first launched. The design was nothing like they have ever seen before.


The second reason why iMac was life-changing is because of its usability.  Although the computer was becoming common, the concept of using technology for daily design was something alien until the arrival of iMac. Stanley Chow, An illustrator, claimed that he only used canvas to paint until his father bought an iMac for him.

Speak Up

Design blog was not a thing until the trend started in the early 2000s. Then, Speak Up blog came into appearance. The blog by Armin Vit was launched in 2002, and it became one of the most read blogs at a time. Designers can find various topics related to art on the said blog, and they can exchange ideas with fellow designers online. It was the age where online graphic design discussion became truly a thing.


Last but not least we have YouTube. YouTube started the age of self-learning, where video viewers look to do video tutorials at home. YouTube became something revolutionary because aspiring designers did not have to spend lots of money to learn new concepts at home. All they need is a good internet connection and a laptop.

There are more historical moments that are not written here.  However, these historical moments showed that the world of graphic design has gone through lots of progress as time passed by.  what kind of historical event will the graphic design community go through in the future?