Creating wallpapers by yourself is really not a bad idea. That would be so fun since you can express yourself through the wallpapers. You won't have to choose which wallpapers to be set on your phone. 

The thing you need to prepare is the idea of wallpapers you want to create. But if you need some inspiration to decide what kind of wallpaper you want to make, here are 5 ideas you can try to use. Let's check them out! 

5 Ideas to Create Phone Wallpapers 

1. Photos from Your Album 

Using great photos you take yourself will be very satisfying. It can be a photo of nature, buildings, food, environment, people and even your profile picture. You can choose which one you prefer. 

The next thing you should do is retouching it to enhance its visual. You can give filters, set the brightness, contrast, put stickers, etc. Once you think it is artistic enough, save it, and set it to your phone screen. 

2. Illustrations 

If photos seem boring for you, you can try to create illustrations for the wallpapers. Many people prefer illustrations because it is more abstract and can match the phone's theme.  

But if you don't have enough skill to draw, don't worry. There are many apps and platforms that offer tools to turn photos into cartoons, vectors, company logo design , anime, or drawings. 

Use one or some apps that you think will make your photos become cooler. Choose your favorite photos and let the apps do the magic.