3. Patterns 

Patterned wallpaper is an option if you don't like photos which have big objects on it. This kind of wallpaper gives a fun look for your phone screen. It is a combination of colorful background and small objects.   

You can start creating patterned phone wallpapers with choosing one or more small objects that you like, it can be fruits, food, cars, flowers, etc. Put them on a blank page randomly, choose a matched background color, and voila!  

4. Texts 

When you think that an image is too general, you can try to create wallpapers with texts on them. It is the quickest way to make great digital wallpapers for phones or desktops. 

Find quotes or motivational advice that you like, add frames, shapes, or your favourite sticker printing, choose a suitable background for the topic, then it is ready to be set on your phone's screen. It will be great to check your phone and get motivated at the same time. 

5. Color Gradients 

The last option for those who like simplicity is just mixing colors to create plain-colorful wallpapers. You don't need to be confused to choose other components of wallpaper's design. 

Although gradients seem plain, they can give the impression of cleanness and less complexity. One, two, or even more colors to be mixed in a wallpaper won't be a problem. 

From all of those 5 ideas to create DIY wallpapers, which one do you want to try? Go explore your creativity and enjoy your masterpiece from the screen.