What makes a great poster design? Well, you have to know how to arrange the text, images, decorations, and choose the right colors for it. But a good poster is not entirely determined by the design. Poster printing decisions are just as important and you also have to consider it well so that you can get a satisfactory final result. 

1. Color processing 

You might have heard about the CMYK and RGB colors. The two of them are different color processing that uses different primary colors where the RGB uses red, green, and blue; meanwhile, the CMYK uses cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. RGB colors tend to be brighter than the CMYK colors especially if printed using the latter color processing. To avoid any inaccuracies when you print your poster, change the settings on your design software into CMYK as well. Designing and printing in CMYK create a more accurate result.  

2. Image Resolution 

Of course, to make a attractive poster printing you need to insert supporting images that are relevant to the content of your poster. But you can't put in just any images. Even though the image is related to the poster content, but if it is of low resolution, then even the state of the art printer won't be able to make it look good. 

The best resolution for images that you insert into the design of a poster is 300 dpi. Before you decide to use a picture or graphic, make sure you check of its quality first. 

3. Size of Poster and Paper Stock 

You have to check the availability of the paper stock with the size of the poster that you want to print. After being sure of the size that is available and suitable for the poster location, then you can start designing. By doing this, you will be able to ensure a more accurate design with the right measurements and dimensions. 

4. Remember to Proofread 

Making sure that the design of your poster has no mistake is very important in making a poster that is effective as well as professional, because a poster that has no mistake can deliver an error free message that makes you appear proper and meticulous. During proofreading, you also have to make sure that your poster is legible and easy to read for everyone. This is very important in ensuring a poster that works well on the target audience and potential customers.  

5. Print in high quality 

The way you can be sure that your poster will be printed in high quality is by finding the best reviewed printing service around you or online. Try to ask for their portfolio or past work so you can know the level of their quality and be sure that they can live up to your expectations. Professional and reputable printing services usually can offer you better quality paper stocks that can enhance the quality of your poster, making the color payoff better upon printing and offering you more durable material that can get you a long lasting poster.