As a car needs fuel to work effectively, rebranding is crucial to the survival of a business. However, a car gives refueled signals to be refueled, so does a business also; it gives signs and signals that it's high time to be rebranded. 

It is obvious to know when exactly the car needs to be refueled, but as an entrepreneur or investor, how do you know when or the right time to rebrand? 

Take a look; below are five of the most common signal that will notify or suggests to you that its time for rebranding : 

1. Low Patronage And Drops In Sales 

Low patronage and poor sales at times signals to a company that it is time for rebranding. Because it indicates that many happenings are going on within the company, rebranding is the best solution. For instance, it might be that customers are unwilling to pay a high price, or there is low staff turnover, and lack of after-sales service by the company, or customers have lost confidence in the product. It doesn't solve customer problems anymore.  

While many businesses or companies lose out today, they fail to realize that rebranding is related to high patronage and poor sales. 

2. The advent of New Technology 

Introductions of new technologies nowadays, such as artificial intelligence, wearable devices, and packaging machines, create innovations, better opportunities, and challenges for brands. It may also signal or indicate that it is time to rebrand your products and services by utilizing the latest technology to keep your brand's vision and image updated to provide updates to your customers' problems. 

3. New Market And Competitors 

As more and more competitors are coming into the industry, new customers will also be emerging and looking for something new or different. And this will automatically activate competition among the rivalry companies, and it will be a matter of survival of the fittest.  

Therefore, this will be an indicator and the right time to rebrand and keep rebranding your products and services. It might even signal that you change your brand identity if you want to control the market and stay competitive, and maintain your brand image and new customers. 

4. Brand Mergers And Acquisitions 

Getting to take ownership of a new business from its former owner will automatically ask for rebranding your brands to suit your goals. Also, rebranding is needed for the newly created merger to align and brand new goals, objectives, and targets to represent their brand. It may even at times called for a total rebranding of name and identity. It is vital so that customers, employees, and other stakeholders don't get confused.  

5. The Company Is Derailing From Its Objectives 

When a company starts investing in various areas, it will begin to deviate from its original aims and objectives when creating the business. The company needs rebranding to remain focus on its goals and target. Otherwise, it will not progress through having active in many areas. 

Rebranding is so important to the survival of any business. Understanding the signals or indicators listed above will help you as an entrepreneur or investor know the right time to rebrand your business.