Who has never seen logos? They are everywhere in our world. From the restaurant we have breakfast every morning to the shoes we wear, all of them are decked with logos to state themselves. Nevertheless, there are logos that truly look different from the rest and can be recognized right away. There are lots of them in this world, but we would like to showcase the five logos that captured our hearts as graphic designers.

1. I Love New York

The logo that was designed by Milton Glaser in 1977 is meant to show the designer’s love for the city, and he did it splendidly. The logo design itself becomes more than a statement that shows love for the Big Apple. It becomes a symbol that is literally used everywhere now, from shirts to stickers and many more. In a sense, the designer has successfully created a casual logo that is loved by many and spreading his love on the city everywhere. It’s definitely a win-win deal, both for the designer and for the city itself.

2. London Underground

London Underground is an example of a logo that has passed the test of time. The logo is everywhere in London, from buses to stations and subways, making it another symbol of the city. The logo itself is simple, thanks to its red circle that stands out and the underground words that state the brand’s name in a  straightforward manner. Simple but also memorable.

3. FedEx

Although the logo was revealed in 1994, FedEx’s logo, which has won numerous awards, is one of the beloved logos within the graphic design agencies and communities. FedEx’s logo is an example of using white space brilliantly. The white space surrounding the logo makes the logo stand out, but it also makes the hidden arrow between the letters stand out even more.

The change in color is also the right move, as it makes the logo cleaner, brighter, and fresher unlike the gloomy color on FedEx’s old logo.

4. Apple

Although Apple’s logo did not start as the bitten apple, the imperfect apple becomes the brand’s most famous logo. Apple’s bitten apple logo is perfect because it is easily distinguishable among other logos due to the bitten part that gives it a unique accent. The logo is also polished with a color that gives a premium feel, making it even more exclusive, the apple might be imperfect, but the concept behind the logo itself is perfect.

5. Red Cross

The Red Cross logo is the perfect logo because it does everything a logo is supposed to be. It stands out because of its red color, making it easy to spot even among other objects. The logo also shows neutrality based on the symbol they use (red cross with equal arm's length is a symbol of neutrality). The Red Cross symbol is simple, but it’s efficient and does its job perfectly.

Is your favorite logo on the list? If it is, which one is it?