As always, each New Year brings with it new trends in the world of electronic commerce. From innovative technologies to new consumer behaviors, and new channels that bring e-commerce into real life, here are 5 of the top innovative retail trends to watch in 2021. 

Online Shops in Physical Locations  

Many brands have started online, and have since launched and expanded their physical presence in recent years. Logically, most off-line digital brands sell clothing, a category of products where shoppers like to interact with the “real” product.  

While the COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly slowed down the opening of new pop-up stores, we continue to see offline experiences from brands that were previously only online, and will continue in 2021.  

Brands – whether large retailers or smaller brands – can be expected to continue to create offline experiences while taking advantage of e-commerce technology and convenience.  

Teleshopping 2.0  

You have probably seen it before, watching a series on Netflix, and you said, “Wow, I love these shoes.” Very soon you will be able to click, find and buy this beautiful pair of shoes directly from the TV show.  

In late 2019, NBC launched television ads that link products to a smartphone app, allowing viewers to buy what goes on the screen. This technology will soon be directly integrated into smart TVs. Those who think that shows like teleshopping are has-been, raise your hand!  

Voice Search  

Nowadays, many homes are equipped with an Amazon Echo or a Google Home. Their sales reached a new record in 2019, up 70% from 2018. And that continues to grow.  

So connected speakers are already a daily product for many consumers, and have become essential tools for many online shoppers, especially as we all spend more time at home during the pandemic… 

In 2021, we are already witnessing more consumers shopping online without ever having to watch a screen, especially on Amazon. But even brands that are not on Amazon can take advantage of smart search technology through speaker and voice. Here’s why: When a voice assistant provides a response, it also allows users to open the website where the response was found. For brands that prefer voice-optimized SEO, this can result in increased traffic. 

The ReCommerce Boom  

The ReCommerce, also known as second-hand commerce, is already undergoing a new renaissance this year. This trend is mostly driven by Gen Z members who identify as conscious consumers making smart purchasing decisions. 74% of 18-29 year olds prefer to buy from sustainable brands and purchases on the ReCommerce market meet this criterion.  

This represents an interesting opportunity for brands that are expected to open their own ReCommerce platform.  

Ethical E-Commerce  

Similarly to ReCommerce, e-commerce is more focused towards ethical e-commerce this year.  

Consumers are more interested in your values than in your products.  

Internet users have a wide choice of products among your competitors. As such, boosting your company values will go a long way in distinguishing you from your competitors. 

This can be done for instance by offering to donate a percentage of your sales to an association, promoting your natural products…  

But most importantly, tell your story: how do you choose your brands? Why did you choose to join such an association…