Finding wallpapers that are suitable for our personality can be challenging. We often spend more time just choosing which wallpaper to download, because not every great wallpaper can meet our expectations. 

If we can't find one, we can make one. We can try to make DIY wallpapers, especially for our desktops since they can affect our mood when we want to work with a PC, laptop, or tablet. These are 5 places for us to create desktop wallpapers online. 

1. GraphicSprings 

GraphicSprings is a free online design graphics maker. This platform helps you to  

design logos, posters, flyer printing, book covers, desktop wallpapers, and many more. It is facilitated with many useful tools. 

You would be able to access the images and templates they have, but you can also upload your own images. Then you can customize it, like the background, shapes, fonts, etc. If you want to make desktop wallpapers, just click the button "Create Desktop Wallpapers Now" and get what you need. 

2. PixTeller 

PixTeller provides many templates with beautiful layouts that you can use. Then personalize it as much as you want, the font, colors, background, shapes, images, and filters. 

Although you don't have design skills, the result you get will look like a pro artwork. It is because the templates are created by professionals. Once you have done with your design, the wallpapers can be saved and applied to the desktop. 

3. FotoJet 

From your computer, you can design your dream wallpaper by using FotoJet. It is an online tool so you don't need to install anything. The wonderful thing is you don't need to register to utilize this platform. 

FotoJet can help you to create desktop wallpapers or other designs, edit photos, and make collages. There are many tools you can use. The interface is easy to operate and the result you get is high quality. 

4. Bighugelabs 

Bighugelabs is another helpful design maker, including desktop wallpapers. This platform lets you get the file that you are going to use from other platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. 

Upload your file, set a suitable resolution, give effects, create. Voila! Your wallpaper is saved to your PC and ready to be used. You can also add a calendar to your wallpaper if you want. 

5. Canva 

Last but not least, Canva is one of the most popular graphic design makers. You can create almost anything that is related to graphics design. Canva brings to access to its users by providing an online platform. 

Creating digital wallpapers for your devices won't be a problem. However, the first thing you have to do is log in to your account on Canva. Then start to design your wallpapers. Choose a perfect template, customize it, and then save it. 

These online graphic design tools make it easy and quick to create desktop wallpapers you have always wanted. Now you know that you can always get a new look for your device's screen. Just be as creative as you like.