2. The Type of Sticker Adhesive 

Apart from the types of sticker materials, the type of sticker adhesive also gets overlooked oftenly. It is necessary to choose the right type of sticker adhesive so you will get the best result possible. Why? Because there are chances that your sticker can’t hold up to use very well. For example, your sticker comes off when it’s exposed to water. This is avoidable if you choose the right type of adhesive for your sticker. Usually, there are three kinds of adhesive you can choose: permanent, removable, and repositionable. 

3. Proofing the Stickers 

Proofreading is not only important in literature, but also in sticker printing. You have to be extremely careful so that typographical errors such as spelling mistakes will not be spotted on your stickers. Always proofread your stickers meticulously before you set it for print at a printing service such as at Singapore sticker printing.  

4. Image Resolution 

Image resolution is crucial in sticker designing and printing. It can make or break your sticker. If you use low image resolution, chances are your stickers will appear pixelated and blurry. Therefore, always make sure that you choose high image resolution before designing your sticker. This is a natural thing for seasoned designers but beginners tend to overlook it. Recommended image resolution is 300 dpi or higher. 

5. Colour Consideration 

Colourful stickers look nice, but it doesn’t always needed. Sometimes, colourful design takes away the important messages a sticker is trying to say. Also, you might want to consider using colour that is friendly to colour-blinds. This will help you to reach more people through your sticker and accommodate more people.