A sticker is a marketing tool that is usually printed on a piece of paper that has pressure adhesive on one side. Although we are working virtually more often in 2021, a sticker is still a mainstay in the business. Because it provides a great way to communicate with the mass and raising brand awareness. 

Sticker or label has become an integral part of business activity in Singapore. There is hardly a day where we never use a sticker in daily life either. Why? Because sticker in Singapore have many important functions and usages. Its importance is universal, meaning that it across borders and barriers. It can be used for simply decorative purposes or even crucial labelling in manufacturing activity. 

Here are 5 popular usages of stickers: 

1. Manufacturing Process 

It’s not too far-fetched to say that the manufacturing process in the whole world could collapse if they didn’t use stickers. Why? Because each component piece, each production tool, and each machine require at least a sticker or label to ensure their proper use. Without them, human errors during work could occur due to the missing of practical guidelines. Stickers or labels provide clear information needed to ensure the smooth running of the manufacturing process. 

2. Product Labelling 

Product labelling is a crucial part of business. Labels on products enable the company to mark their brand, therefore, evoking a sense of ownership. Not only that, ingredient labels are just as important as the brand’s label. Because it contains information relevant to the public and it ensures no one’s going to have severe sickness after consuming or coming in contact with your product.