3. E-commerce 

Stickers or labels are often the primary interaction a customer has with their purchase in e-commerce. Every purchase requires multiple stickers or labels throughout its journey from the warehouse to the consumer. From warehouse checking, distributing the order to courier, and arriving at consumer’s location, labels have to present during those times (from start to finish). Inefficiencies during this system are often detrimental to the general health of a business. 

4. Address and Parcel 

With the growing number and volume of global parcel shipping, there will be a fair number of address and parcel stickers in use. Stickers or labels are mainly used to send basically anything: wedding invitations, handwritten letters, wedding invitations, and many more. The type of happened transaction in a parcel is done between business to business (B2B), business to consumer (B2C), and customer to customer (C2C). 

5. Campaign Stickers 

Stickers and labels are not different, both are a piece of material with pressure adhesive on one of its side. However, people’s perception of both items is what sets them apart. When people think about labels, they are more likely will think about black-and-white sticky papers used to identify and describe a product. But when people think about stickers, they are more likely will think about colorful sticky papers used for campaigns. Those campaign materials are one of the most popular uses of sticker in Singapore. 

Those are 5 popular usages of stickers. We hope it will give you more perspective about the importance of stickers and their useful functions.