A wedding invitation is one of the most important parts of a  wedding event itself even though it is small. Without a proper wedding invitation, how are you going to properly invite your beloved guests to your special day? A wedding invitation card should not only provide information regarding the event, but it also has to be able to impress your guests.  That's why the design of the wedding invitation is very important. One of the ways you can make your wedding invitation look more impressive is by choosing unique types of printing styles with various quality that allows it to have better quality. Here they are, without further ado: 

1. Digital or Flat Printing 

This is one of the most basic types of printing that most people go for because it looks quite decent and you can get it at an affordable price as well. If you prefer to save your money for other wedding aspects, then definitely choose this one. The printing result of this printing style is smooth and quite appealing especially considering the low price that you need to pay.  The digital printing can be used for many types of papers, so you don't have to really worry about this. 

2.  Engraving 

The engraving printing style is rather old, but it certainly looks unique.  It makes your wedding invitation card  look more distinct and it can help you leave a  long-lasting impression as well. The way to engrave texts onto the wedding invitation card is by pressing an inked metal plate that leaves an impression on the surface. It is conventional yet certainly unique.  Of course, this is more expensive than digital printing. 

3. Spot Color 

Spot color is not much different from digital printing. However, digital printing only uses four primary colors. Meanwhile, spot color printing uses 6 different types of colors that makes it possible to produce a wider range of colors that are crisp and vibrant. Even if you want to print neon colors, you won't have to worry about anything. If you need to print unique colors that can be reproduced by digital printing, then definitely consider spot color printing. 

4. Thermography 

This printing style mixes engraving and spot color printing. It uses heat to melt ink along with glue. This ink will be engraved on the paper surface to make texts according to the design. With thermography, you will get a text that appears shiny, glossy, and smooth. It is quite similar to plastic. Don't worry, this type of printing style is not too expensive and it is still definitely affordable. 

5. Embossing or De-Embossing 

This method is ink-free, which makes it a dry printing method, What happens during this method if printing is that a plate is pressed onto the surface of the paper and resulting in an indented surface for embossing and the opposite for de-embossing. You can achieve a unique look and texture with this alternative. However, of course, you can not use this method for the entirety of your wedding invitation card. So you can mix it with other printing styles, such as digital printing or spot color printing.