Productivity is something you need to build daily. Getting things done at work is of course your duty. Productivity is one of the elements of your fuel to stay enthusiastic during the work. Building habits to be productive certainly doesn't come overnight. 

You will also feel bored, sleepy, lackluster, and so on. These feelings are of course natural, but avoid indulging your feelings and moods, or else you won't finish any work. There are several ways to train you to build positive habits that can increase your productivity. Check out the following article. 

1. Create a Habit 

Habit is an action that occurs because of repetition. The same applies to the activities you do in your daily life, including working. Productivity in the office can also be built gradually. Come up with something that excites you and make you kept going. Create a routine that allows you to do something repetitive, but also not necessarily boring all the time. For example, you reply to the email first thing in the morning and continue with the meeting. In between those two activities, try tucking in some stretching activities to make your body refreshed. Then return to continue your meeting agenda.    

2. Make a Daily Plan 

Daily planning is as important as your morning coffee. Without a clear daily plan, how will you know what work needs to be done? Therefore, daily plan plays an important role in supporting productivity. You will get a bigger picture of how your day will start and end. 

3. Optimize Your Tools 

In completing a job, of course, you use some types of tools. In the sense of tools such as your computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet, notes, or simply your pencil and paper. It is important to optimize a tool that is used in a job. Like replying to an email, you can use the auto-reply feature for some or all of the FAQs, or even other types of email. Optimized and up-to-date tools will help you complete tasks faster. 

4. Keep Your Phone Away 

Keeping your phone away from you is indeed such a hard thing to do. Not only that we are used to checking our smartphones all the time, but also it is part of modern people's lifestyle. Smartphones make everything easy, including our work. However, if we don't limit our smartphone use, it will backfire on the productivity and positive habits you're trying to build. 

5. Get Some Sleep, Seriously 

We know that nowadays many normalize very excessive work ethics. As if we don't have anything to do but work. Many people are willing to work overtime to complete their assignments which they can continue the next day. Whether it's because of boss pressure, or simply they just want to do it. If you're one of them, please, slow down a bit. You need to know that taking a short nap in between your break time will increase productivity. One or two times maybe you have to be forced to work overtime, however, don't make it a habit.