Are you going to buy a company stamp? Wait! 

Before you order a company stamp, there are several questions you can ask to yourself first. But why should those questions be asked? That is because those questions can help you prepare and determine a few required things in making the stamp. 

So, without any further due, let's find out some of the questions below!   

1. What Kind of Rubber Stamp Would You Like to Order for Your Company Stamp? 

This is one of the most important things before ordering a company stamp. Why? Because there is various kind of rubber stamps that can be used as a company stamp. To find out some popular rubber stamps for a company stamp, here are some of them!  

A classic or traditional rubber stamp is a kind of stamp with a separate ink pad.  So, any time you want to make an impression, you need to relink the stamps separately. 

A pre-inked stamp is not the same as a classic stamp which has a separated ink pad. This stamp has an ink pad inside. This type of stamp basically uses oil-based ink which can create a clean and smooth impression. 

A self-inking stamp is quite the same as a pre-inked stamp because both of them have no separate ink pad. But what makes it different is that self-inking stamp use water-based ink. Plus, this kind of stamp is great for those who need quick and simple stamping.    

2. What Information Is Needed for That? 

For the second question, make sure you have all the necessary information for the stamp. The most frequent information included on the stamp is the name of the company, registration number, logo, address, and many more! 

Note: you should ensure that you include only the most updated information without any typographical errors.    

3. What About the Size and Shape? 

Before asking a stamp maker to create yours, have you decided on the perfect shape and size for your stamp? For the shape, the stamp is often made in the form of rectangles, circles and triangles. But for the size, various sizes are usually offered by stamp makers for each shape. You can ask them first, but please make some estimation size to help you set the right size!    

4. What Colour Would You Like to Use for Your Stamp? 

If you think that the ink for the stamp is only available in one colour, unfortunately, your answer is not quite right. The company's stamp inks are available in red, orange, blue, green, black, and many more colours. Are they all the same? No, every colour has its meaning. For example, if you use red ink for the stamp, it can become a symbol of an urgency document. Therefore, you need to read or ask about the meaning of each colour first.   

5. Where Will You Buy or Order the Stamp? 

The final question you can ask yourself is "where would you buy the stamp?". Have you decided about that before? Or is there a place you think can help you create your stamp? 

Actually, the stamp maker is not that hard to find around. But if you have difficulties in finding the right stamp maker near you, don't worry since you have another alternative. We live in an era when technology is constantly evolving and changing the way we buy things. With the internet, you can find the best company stamp maker not only near your place but in a wider area.  

Note: Don't forget to read online reviews before ordering the stamp on the internet!