It's not uncommon for motion graphic designers to be stuck in a rut. There are many causes for a designer to lose their inspiration and ideas. One of the reasons designers are stuck is because not all of us can understand the purpose of the project. In this article, we will List out five reasons why a product should be in motion graphics.


One of the purposes of motion graphics is for rebranding. This is a common occurrence, especially when the company wants to shift its image from something formal to less formal  Or more premium. A perfect example of search location is the current Trend Samsung is having with their phones.  If you see their UX design in their latest phones, you will see more moving animation and more bright colors. In this case, Samsung is trying to target the younger audience by changing its image into something more casual and modern.

Increasing Awareness

Another reason why a product should be in the form of Motion Graphics is for increasing awareness. Increasing awareness is done by giving more information. However, the person receiving the information should be willing to listen and understand the information given. Such tasks can be hard when their information n is given in the form of written paper. Not everybody is willing to rate, and sometimes people can miss interpreted words.

 If we use video to increase awareness (a video is a form of motion graphics), we will give information and explain things more easily. It is not uncommon to see cartoons or statistics in campaign videos. After all, their purpose is to attract attention and help people to digest the information easier. Hence there are more and more awareness videos being circulated on the internet right now.

Explaining a concept

 Besides increasing awareness, we can also explain a concept using Motion Graphics. It is similar to increasing awareness, but in this case, the purpose is to explain a concept only. 

The perfect example is the Bitcoin videos on YouTube.  Bitcoin is a hard concept if we try to understand its written explanation. Explaining BitCoins in the form of video makes us understand the concept easier, thanks to the animation, the images, and other parts of the video.


Since motion graphics can be used to explain concepts, it also means that they can be used for selling. The name of such a motion graphic product is called product video. A product video is used to explain, of course, a product and make it more appealing to the consumers by showing the animation and other elements of the video. And they work, too.

Television advertisement

The last purpose is something we probably see on television, which is a television advertisement. In television advertisement, Motion Graphics is commonly used to complement the video, such as using animation to add an artistic touch to the advertisement.

There are many more reasons why a company requests a motion graphic product to graphic design agencies, but these are the most common reasons. We hope that you will be able to understand your project better because of this article.