A website is your online presence. An online representation of your business, person, or organization as the case may be. For whatever reason you decided to get a website, your website must be great to achieve the goal. If the goal is not achieved, there are signs you need to look out for. Some of these signs may mean you need a redesign of your website. Here are five of such signs; 

Unfavorable Search Engine Result 

Every website designer or owner wants their websites to rank high when people search for the keyword in their niche or industry. It is the goal of a website designer to rank high on the first page of google search. When your website no longer ranks high on search engine results, especially if it is coming after the first page, you need to redesign the website. 

Website Navigation 

when it comes to having a great user experience, how easily users can navigate the website is a big factor. If users begin to have difficulty in moving from one point to the other on the website, it means there is a navigation issue. With this, you can never get the goal of having the website achieved. That's a great signal you need to redesign your website. 

Content Update 

When you have a website that comes with many problems whenever you want to add content or update the website, then it is time to redesign the website. Updating the website should not be an arduous task. This is because the time it takes to update the website and how soon it updates are important factors that should be put into consideration. How you achieve your website goal is a lot dependent on the content available on the website. 

Website Load Time 

Every website user wants a website where they can get things done in a matter of seconds. Most users will like to get things done on the website is not more than 5 seconds. If it is taking ages for the website to load a page after clicking on icons to get things done, then you will be losing users. That's also a red flag. You need to redesign your website to enhance a faster load time. 

Mobile Responsiveness 

Interestingly, most of the users of your website will access it on a mobile device. This is why your website should be mobile responsive or friendly. That is, it must be visible, accessible and all functions must be well accessible on mobile devices. You will need to access your website on mobile devices to see how users experience it. If the website is not mobile-friendly, you will need to redesign the website. 

These are the top five signs that indicate a website redesign. It is important to note that you don't have to wait till these signs come up before you check the website for them. You must carry out regular checks because they will determine user experience. These are the things to make your website user-friendly and also achieve your website goals.