Traditional marketing is still the option that a lot of businesses choose for certain events or situations. It is the best alternative especially if you are trying to save up money or running on a low budget for marketing. 

One of the unique low cost traditional marketing alternatives is using a postcard. 

It is a bit uncommon, but that's the charm of it. People will most likely feel intrigued by receiving a postcard in this day and age and you can catch their attention easier this way. 

Before you make the first step for postcard printing, here are the important things that you must know. 

1. Spend Money on High Quality Card Stock 

To make your postcard more appealing, don't just settle on using a normal quality card stock. Instead, find one that is of better quality to print on. Usually, the premium card stock is thicker and more durable. Of course, it is more expensive. But don't worry, the return that you will get is higher than you spend for the production if you know how to make your postcard look and sound intriguing as well as convincing. Of course, you shouldn't push it if you really don't have enough funds for this. You can still count on the content for a successful postcard printing and marketing. 

2. Focus on One Promotion 

Since a postcard does not have a lot of space, you should only focus on promoting one thing instead of doing it all with one postcard. It's okay to have a lot of things to promote but try to divide them into different postcards and try to send them out in different times. A postcard should be simple and easy to understand. If you try to cram all information into one postcard, it will only confuse your target audience. So, keep it simple and comprehensible at all times. 

3. Design Boldly 

One of the easiest ways to catch the attention of your target audience is by going bold with the design. A design with high contrast, vibrant color, intriguing typography, and interesting word choice for a headline will be able to catch the attention of your target audience better than one with a subpar design. 

4. Don't Forget CTA 

CTA or call to action sentence is very important for marketing. It convinces people and let them know what to do after reading the content and key information included in your postcard. Following a call to action sentence that is strong, don't forget to include contact information or a way for them to reach you so that they can get your product or try out your service. 

5. High Quality Printing 

After the design looks perfect, then you need to go on to the process of postcard printing. Postcard printing may seem simple, but you have to make sure that you choose a great printing service that can get you high quality postcard that looks proper and interesting to ensure that you will have a great first impression on your target audience.