Building a brand may look simple and also fun, but it needs to be prepared and considered well. The brand you create is Identity you show to the public. So, making the best of it is important for your business' growth.

Here 5 steps you can follow to help you build a brand identity that can represent the value of your business. Let's check them out!

Steps to Build Your Brand Identity

1. Choose Your Business Name

Choosing a name for a child is kind of difficult, because it contains a hope of how the child will grow up to be in the future. It is pretty much the same with choosing a name for your business.

The name will represent the character of the business. That is why no one chooses a bad name. Even though some people choose weird names for their business, it is only because of its uniqueness, so that the name may stand out.

Choosing a stand out name is indeed a great idea, but you have to make sure that it represents the image you want people to acknowledge, easy to be read and remembered.

2. Pick Your Business Character

The character or personality of your business needs to be considered when creating a brand. When you choose one, you have to focus on and stick to it.

The personality you choose will attract certain people that can be your potential customers in the future. Once the people know your brand, the image of your personality will become a consideration whether your brand is suitable or not with the people's characters.

3. Create Your Business Slogan

A slogan is like a brief description about your brand. A great slogan is unique, catchy, short, and able to emphasize the brand's value.

Unlike the name of the brand, the slogan can be changed several times if it is necessary. Although it is changed, the point of the message remains the same and of course it still represents the brand.

You can use your chosen slogan to be the tagline in every poster printing, stickers, flyers or you can also post on your social media. It will strengthen the impression of professionalism.

4. Design Your Brand Look

Designing the look of a brand consists of design of the logo, the font type, the chosen colors, and the theme.

When it comes to color, you should choose the ones that can express the "mood" and "feeling" in your brand, because colors can represent emotions.

Create the design and choose the details as creative as you can, but don't forget to bring the identity of your business.

5. Apply and Share It

Last but not the least, it is applying your brand new identity to all your media, then sharing it to the world. Publish it on every social media post you manage, apply it to every marketing media you have.

The thing you can do after that is checking how the people's reactions after your brand goes public. No matter what the result may be like, keep improving and do your best to strengthen your brand's value.