Branding process is a continuous journey to create visibility for your brand that can bring impact to your sales in the long run. It is such a demanding task that consequently forces brand to think of something new to amplify their values to the public constantly. Common means to materialize this idea is through advertisement, sponsorship, sales promotion, and many others. All of these means require relatively huge budget and thorough planning. 

However, there is actually another way to promote your brand effectively with minimum cost: make use of your customer’s loyalty to your brand. Words of mouth is a powerful marketing tool, so there is no one better than your loyal customer to promote your brand. But how do we convince them to promote our brands willingly? The answer is actually quite simple and cost-effective: give your customers custom Singapore stickers! 

If you ask, why do we recommend you to utilize sticker, please stick along as we will discuss the clever uses of sticker to promote your brand! 

Sticker and Brand Promotion 

First and foremost, sticker offers versatility in terms of shapes, sizes, prices, and application. Thus sticker, in this case custom sticker, is a perfect marketing tool used by millions of business ventures all over the world. Five clever uses of sticker you can utilize to promote your brand: 

1. Use Sticker for Your Product Labels 

Product label has been around for a long time, but it is still a great way to promote your brand. As many researchers have already said, humans are highly visual creatures. Humans rely heavily on visual cues to do daily activities including choosing a product by perceiving its packaging design and product labels. So, make sure to create an attractive label for your product. 

2. Create a Custom Sticker for Your Business Card 

Traditionally, business card is printed on a small paper. So, you might as well print your business card on a sticker! Let’s get real, not many people appreciate business cards given to them by brands, so they often trash the cards. But if you make your business card as attractive as decals and other popular type of stickers, there is a chance that your customer will put it on their items. A long-term effect for your brand!