3. Create Custom Stickers for Important Public Information 

Not only people seldomly appreciate business cards from brands, many of them also seldomly appreciate stickers from brands if they have no loyalty to the brand. So why not make a sticker out of important public information? For example, try creating stickers that contain important hotline for public services such as hotline for the fire service, ambulance, police, and many more. But tweak it a little bit by putting your brand’s image on the stickers (put your logo, use colour scheme that is similar with your brands, etc.) 

4. Use Sticker as Coupons for Your Business 

Bad stickers go to the trash bin. However, good stickers sometimes are thrown away too. But what if your sticker contains greater purpose that benefits its receiver? What if it’s a coupon for your business? I can guarantee you that the sticker will be kept by your customers as long as the promotion duration stands. 

5. Distribute Free Trendy Stickers for Your Customers 

Last but not least, like the good old days: distribute free trendy Singapore stickers for your customers! Tacky stickers like your company’s logo might not be relevant anymore, so try creating stickers that are trendy and well-designed. If your customers like it, they will surely put it on their possessed items and it will increase your brand awareness in the long run.