Making your own wedding invitation card  can be challenging especially if you don't have prior experience in designing and printing. 

Nowadays, it is a lot easier to understand the ropes of designing and printing due to easy to operate software and tools, so you don't have to worry. All you have to do is remember these useful tips so that you can get high-quality wedding invitation cards: 

1. Decide the Theme 

It is best to start by deciding on a wedding theme. The wedding theme must be applied to every part and element of the wedding, from the venue decoration to the souvenirs and of course including the wedding invitation card as well so that everything looks consistent. You have to match the theme of the wedding with the wedding invitation card so that your guests can know what appropriate attire to wear to your wedding to support and participate in it well. You can try getting an idea for the theme from the internet or even your hobbies and pop cultures like games, books, movies, and others. 

By settling on a theme, you will have an easier time designing your wedding invitation card because you already have an idea regarding the outcome that you want to achieve. 

2. Design Clean and Simple 

In your wedding invitation card, it is best to only include the information that is important. Don't confuse the recipient of your wedding invitation card by unnecessary information that only clutters the design as well. Keeping the design of your wedding invitation card simple and compact is best. The information that should be present in your wedding invitation card is the host of the wedding, the venue address, venue name, wedding date, wedding time, and dress code if necessary. 

Even though you want to design an elegant looking wedding invitation card, you shouldn't clutter it with too many decorations that overcrowd the design of the wedding invitation card with too many elements and decorations. Keep it to a minimum and try to aim for a simple and clean design instead since adding too many embellishments might increase the cost of wedding invitation printing as well. 

3. Use High-Resolution Pictures 

To make sure that your wedding invitation looks appealing and high quality, then you should also use high-resolution pictures especially if you are using a photograph. The resolution for a good quality picture printing is 300 dpi. 

4. Make the wedding invitation card memorable 

This can be done by printing your wedding invitation card in a unique shape or size. You can also make it appear strong for the first impression by designing a bold envelope or unique paper size as well as a printing technique. Of course some of this will cost you quite a lot, so you have to be able to be wise in choosing which is the best for the aesthetic that you pursue with the wedding invitation card that you are designing. 

5. Print Professionally 

Don't print your wedding invitation card on your own, especially with a common office printer. Let the professionals handle your wedding invitation card printing. All you have to do is give them the design of your wedding invitation card and let them know your requirements for the printing.