A wedding card is really important so that your guest can be informed ahead regarding your special day. It needs to be memorable, but on top of it all, your wedding invitation card should be able to convey the right message effectively as well. So, it is very important to pay attention to all design elements as well as the printing process to make sure that your wedding invitation card comes out nicely. Here are some of the important tips for a great looking wedding invitation. 

1. Pick a Theme 

This is something that you need to decide before you actually start designing your wedding invitation card. By deciding on a theme, it will be a lot easier for you to find the elements for your wedding invitation design because you already have a general idea of how it is supposed to be. The theme or style of your wedding invitation should match the theme of your wedding to create a coherent and uniform look. 

2. Card Shape and Size 

Of course, you are free to choose any shape and size that you want for your wedding invitation. But consider the availability of the paper as well as the envelope. Don't make it too big or too small because it may only cause inconvenience both for you and for your guests as well. If a wedding invitation is too big, you might have to pay extra for mailing because it exceeds the basic tariff for normal letters. So, be wise with your decisions. 

3. Paper Stock and Invitation Color 

You can choose to design your wedding invitation card in full color of making it monochrome and print it on color paper stock. The latter option might be a cheaper alternative and can be more elegant, but both are equally acceptable depending on the theme that you go for. Printing on a colored paper stock is usually better suited for traditional themed wedding invitation cards. 

For the paper stock itself, it is much better to use premium quality paper which are papers that are thicker than common ones. They are more durable and with higher quality paper like this, your wedding invitation card can look more elegant and proper. Of course, they cost more. But it is not a waste of money. Some papers are even textured and you can choose this as well for extra impression. 

4. Card Envelope 

Complete the look of your wedding invitation with an envelope designed in the same theme as the wedding invitation card. It is not always mandatory, but it is definitely proper and it can add extra protection to the wedding invitation card as well. Some people even add a second plastic layer to make sure that the wedding invitation card can be safe from moisture during its transport. 

5. Printing Style 

There are a lot of different printing styles that you can choose to make your wedding invitation look more interesting, such as letter pressing, foil printing, spot color printing, and many more. Some are more expensive than the others, so you have to be wise in choosing. Make sure that nothing exceeds the budget that you have.