A business card has become a daily necessity especially for entrepreneurs, company executives, and even college students. A business card, traditionally printed on a small-sized paper, is an identification card that shows one’s important to contact. This card is usually shared with one’s business partner or as an introduction way at a formal gathering. Important contact stored on a piece of a business card is primarily the company’s name, company’s logo, one’s name, their position, phone number, email address, and additionally website information. Some people usually put their own motto as well. 

Because of its function, creating an impressive business card in Singapore is an option one should always choose. Why? Because it can create a lasting impression on people’s minds. If you introduce yourself and your business amusingly, people most likely will ask for your business card to contact you for more information. And if you show them an impressive business card, it will add a more positive impression on you and your business. 

So, what should one do to make an impressive business card? Buckle up, we are going to show you 5 tips to make an impressive business card! 

1. Only Put Your Important Information 

This is the number one rule of a business card: only put your important information. Putting in your countless social media accounts, vision, mission, and achievements may look tempting to do but it will not be an effective business card. People don’t have a long attention span, so too many texts on your card will only turn them off. And that’s the last thing you want as a businessman. So be as straightforward as possible. 

2. Define Your Target Audience 

Different audience, different approach. Just like the marketing approach, you also have to define your target audience and use an appropriate design approach. You know it best what your audience’s preference is. 

3. Go for Simplicity 

Less is more. As we’ve stated above, a business card is actually a part of your marketing tool. Effective marketing involves getting your point across as clear as possible. The cluttered business card will take away the main message of your business card. Remember, a business card is not a brochure to flaunt your achievement, but it is a teaser to make people want to know you more. That’s why, always go for simplicity. 

4. Make Your Business Card Double as a Coupon 

Many business cards went into the rubbish can. People don’t want to keep something they deemed meaningless to take up their spaces. In order to make people hold onto your business card a little bit longer (or even forever), you can make your business card double as a coupon. Tell them if they show your business card at your business place, they could get a certain percentage off their total sum. When you do this, we can guarantee you that your customer or partner will hold on to your card longer and it will also be beneficial for your business. 

5. Use QR Code 

Another tip you can use to create an impressive business card is embedding QR code onto your business card. Direct this QR code into your own personalized video that explains yourself or your business. You can upload your video to a streaming platform like YouTube and many others. This way, you are creating an interactive business card that will impress people from the first second. 

Those are 5 tips to make an impressive business card. We hope you find it useful!