Visual appearance is influential for business. It represents what other people see. Therefore, you must be selective in choosing important elements. Typography is a perceptible element that can affect your business. Choosing the proper typography is your job to keep your business has a good image. Surely, you want to keep going and improve your business, especially when you have digital business in Singapore. There are a lot of digital businesses out there that always compete with creative ways. 

Perhaps it will confuse you whether the mixture of the fonts does well. It can be hard, especially if you are a small business and have to minimalize your budget. Some design services are too expensive. But right now there’s an easy way, you can use some tools to help you match the typefaces. 

1. Fontjoy 

This tool helps you to choose fonts if you want to combine them into one another. They recommend some similar fonts, so it still looks like the same font but with a little bit of variation. This is a good tool if you want to create multiple typefaces but don’t want it to look contras. This is an amazing tool and easy to use. 

2. Google Fonts 

If you want to find fonts that can match your text, this can be an answer. This tool has more than a thousand fonts. You can find the style that you want. Also, you can set the thickness and find a lot of example fonts that can suit you. 

3. Glyphr 

Glyphr allows you to create your own font. You can design your font based on what you want. This makes you authentic and different from others. And this is an online web, so you don’t have to download it. This web also has a tutorial for those of you that haven’t tried this before.