What people display as wallpaper on their phones can be an important matter, especially when it comes to taste. That is why many times people spend more time choosing which wallpaper may be suitable for their taste or mood at that time. 

Sometimes, the wallpapers that are available on the phone are not enough. So, you can choose to download more wallpapers from certain websites. 

However, if your phone is an Android, instead of visiting multiple websites, you can just download one of these great apps. One app for many great digital wallpapers to be chosen, sounds fun, right? These are the top 5 wallpaper apps for your Android phone. 

1. Walli 

Walli This amazing app provides thousands of wallpaper with high quality up to 4K. The free version of this app contains ads, but if you want it to be free from ads, you can pay annually for the premium version that allows you to subscribe to your favorite wallpaper artists. 

There is a unique feature built in this app, it is called Walli Playlist. With this feature, you can select up to 10 wallpapers that you like, press ‘play', and those wallpapers will be shown and shuffled on your phone screen. 

2. WallCandy 

WallCandy has more than 5,000 digital wallpapers for your phone. Although it might seem to have less amount of wallpaper compared to other wallpaper apps, yet this app provides unique wallpapers with high resolution and adaptive size. 

This app has a great feature, it is Auto Wallpaper Changer. This feature will change your phone wallpaper every day automatically. You don't need to create any playlist, just make sure your phone is connected to the internet. 

3. Wall X 

This app provides many free wallpapers, so you don't need to make any subscription to experience every feature in it. It means that you have to deal with ads, but it is worth the quality of the wallpapers. 

The digital wallpapers in Wall X are in HD and 4K. Wall X will automatically set the wallpapers to be fitted in the size of your phone screen. 

4. 4K Wallpapers 

There are many options of digital wallpapers that are available in this app. It has more than 50 categories of 3D, 4D, 4K, and live wallpapers.  

4K Wallpapers also have a feature of Auto Wallpaper Changer that works based on your favorite category. You can also set the time-frequency of how many times, and how long the wallpapers on your phone will be changed. 

5. NoxLucky 

NoxLucky lets you have various 3D live wallpapers in HD. You can also create your own wallpaper and use filters, then share it with the world. This app also brings other cool features. 

You can set any video you like from Instagram and TikTok to be your phone wallpaper. What makes this app even cooler, you can also set videos as a call screen.

Those are the 5 top wallpaper apps for Android that have great ratings. You can try them and experience the features to support your phone's look.