4. Motion Graphics 

This is most likely an explanation video. If you want to explain a lot of information to your customer, this can be a decent choice. Motion graphics animation allows you to combine text and graphics entertainingly. This doesn’t need character and storyline, it’s straight to the point clearly. You can put music or sound effect to make it look more powerful. 

5. Stop Motion 

If you remember the old Disney movies back then, this is the type of animation that never ends. This looks traditional but still entertaining. Also, this is easy to make, you can take a bunch of photos or drawings and put them together into a video. It creates a small fun movement. Stop motion is a low-cost budget. Even if you are not a professional video editor, you still can create this on your own. 

By using animation as part of your business can make your audience experience your brand through video. Also, you can choose the type of animation depends on which platform you’re sharing it. For example, 3D animation most likely fit TV-commercial and Youtube, Motion graphics and Whiteboard animation fit to a website, 2D animation and stop motion can fit on social media.