5 Types of Finishes to Enhance the Looks of Your Name Card

Do you think your business card could be more appealing? Then you should certainly look into the different types of finishes usable for name card printing. They can not only make the business card look more attractive, but they can also offer additional protection for it, making it more sturdy and lasting longer.

So, here are some of the available options you can get.

1. Spot UV
Spot UV applies a particular kind of varnish to a specific area of the name card, such as the brand logo. To harden the varnish, it will be exposed to ultraviolet light. Since it will be smoother and slicker, the end product will be shiny and polished, making it more fascinating to look at and even touch.

2. Card Fold
Do you need to relay a lot of information on your business card? To avoid having to stuff too many things on two sides of a small sheet of paper, add a fold to your business card for extra detail and information. With a fold, you can get at least four sides, allowing you to include more detail in a more organized manner and without confusing the reader of your card.

3. Die-Cut
You will cut out special shapes from your name card paper stock using die-cutting. If you want to develop a unique look that makes you stand out from the crowd, this is a perfect option. A name card does not necessarily have to be rectangular, and die-cutting has never made creating different shapes of a name card any easier.

4. Foil Stamping
Are you looking for a style that is both luxurious and elegant? Foil stamping is a must-try for you. Foil stamping, which is normally done in gold or silver using a heat-processed coating, will help you highlight some essential aspects of your name card. Foil stamping is a cost-effective way to produce a lavish design.

5. Embossing
Embossing is a no-ink technique that involves pressing a sheet of paper against a plate that creates an indentation on the surface. Embossing causes the paper's surface to sink. De-embossing, on the other hand, has the reverse effect, raising the surface upward.

Different printing services can have more finish options, which you should check first before making an order. Until you choose one, find out as much as you can about the finish options, so you can be confident it'll work on your name card. Remember that not all finishes work for all types of card stock or paper that you use.

You may use more than one finish on a single card, but don't go overboard or it would appear unappealing. You must also be mindful of your spending, as certain forms of finishes can be very expensive. Surely, you do not want to be surprised by the high cost at the end of the process.

Kiasu Print offers many different types of finishes that you can readily choose. Don't worry, all options are at a reasonable price, so check out our services and make your order today.