Feeling like your business card can look better? Then you should definitely check out finishes that are available for business card printing. They don't only make your business card look more beautiful, but finishes can also provide extra protection for your business card so that it can be more durable and last longer too. 

Without further ado, here they are: 

1. Spot UV 

Spot UV uses a certain kind of varnish at a specific part of the business card, for example on the logo of your company. This varnish will be exposed to ultraviolet light to harden it. The final result will look shiny and glossy, making it appear more intriguing to see and even feel, because it will be smoother and slicker as well. 

2. Fold 

Need to convey a lot of things on your business card? Sure, don't worry. You can add a fold to your business card for extra information so that you won't have to stuff everything on two sides of a small piece of paper. With a fold, you can at least get four sides which allow you to provide more information neatly and avoids making you confuse the reader of your business card. 

3. Die-Cutting 

With die-cutting, you can cut out unique shapes out of your business card paper stock. This is great if you want to create a distinct look that helps you stand out among others. A business card doesn't always have to be rectangular, and making different shapes of your business card is never been any easier with die-cutting. 

4. Foil Stamping 

Going for a luxurious and elegant design? Then you can't miss out on foil stamping. Foil stamping can help you highlight certain important parts of your business card, usually in either gold or silver using heat processed coating. Foil stamping is affordable yet it creates a lavish design like no other. 

5. Embossing 

Embossing is an ink free process where the piece of paper is pressed against a plate that makes an indentation according to the design. Embossing makes the surface of the paper goes down. You can also get the opposite result with de-embossing where it raises the surface forward. With embossing and de-embossing, you can create a remarkable business card with distinct touch that definitely can help you appear more professional and elegant. For this type of finish, you should go with thick paper stock for the best results. 

Different printing services may offer more options for finishes that you can definitely explore. Before deciding on one, try to ask as much as you can regarding the finish option so that you can be sure that it is right for your business card. You can use more than one finish for one business card printing but remember not to overdo it as it will only make your business card look not too pleasing. Also, you have to be careful regarding the budget as well as some types of finishes can be quite costly and make you reach pretty deep into your pockets.