5 Types of Paper That Can Be Used for Sticker Printing


Stickers are currently one of the highest-selling printed items on the market. Aside from their low cost, stickers are useful for a variety of purposes, including business and project promotions. Sticker printing is one of the most valuable resources that printing companies must provide since it is easy and in high demand from a wide variety of individuals, including entrepreneurs for their goods, event managers for their lecture packs, election campaigns, university events, among many others.


The cutting sticker technique is used to make a variety of stickers that are now on the market. This results in higher-quality stickers, but at the cost of the higher initial investment. Beginners with a small budget can launch their sticker printing business by printing stickers in the most basic way possible, using less expensive printers and supplies.


Aside from learning how to make the stickers and run the required software, you must first understand the different types of papers you can use for your stickers if you want to start a sticker printing company. Doff and glossy are the two most popular sticker textures. The two choices, though, do not include all documents.


A customer can choose one of two textures as well as the type of paper on which their stickers will be printed. The types of printers and inks used can differ depending on these articles.


1. HVS Paper

HVS paper is a typical type of paper that is mostly used in offices. For this form of paper, a standard inkjet printer would suffice. This form of paper is normally the cheapest, and it has a short lifespan.


2. Kraft Paper

The texture of Kraft paper is similar to that of HVS paper. The only distinction is the colour, which is brown in kraft paper. Stickers printed on kraft paper can also be printed with inkjet printers.


3. Chromo Paper

Stickers printed on chromo paper would have a shiny finish, close to those of magazine sheets. ArtPaper (AP) ink is recommended for this type of paper to ensure that the printed product adheres to the surface and does not stain or wear off when exposed to water.


4. Vinyl Paper

As opposed to chromo, vinyl papers are slightly more flexible. Vinyl paper stickers are difficult to damage or tear off. It is advisable to print on vinyl paper with a laser printer because printing on this material with a standard inkjet printer would be difficult.


Still, there are several vinyl papers that can be printed with Inkjet plus printers using ArtPaper ink in some cases.


5. Transparent Paper

Rather than being paper, this kind of paper is almost like plastic. Acrylic keychains are usually printed on this form of paper. This kind of content can only be printed using a laser printer.


Now that you know the most popular types of papers for sticker printing, you can start making a list of the things you would need to get started and prepare the next steps in your business development plans.