There are many types of poster stand that you can choose for your marketing purposes. All of them are great, but not all types of banner stand can be suitable for all events or occasions. 

So, before you get a stand for your indoor marketing event, it is best that you understand the many types of poster stand that you can get and decide which one is the best for you. 

1. Roller Banner Stand 

This type of stand is one of the most standard or basic ones that a lot of people go for. The roller banner stand is quick and easy to set up. Moreover, with its lightweight material, it is very easy to handle and highly portable. There are various size options for this type of stand that you can adjust depending on the event that you are going for. A roller banner stand can really help you to stand out in the crowd and promote effectively. 

2. Tension Banner Stand 

This one is also a very practical banner stand that you can choose if you are going for a tradeshow or any similar events. It does take a little longer to set up since it has to be done manually, but this stand is very versatile and can be easily changed depending on your needs. 

You can either use one side only or both for maximum exposure and reach during events. 

3. Desk-top Banner Stand 

This type of banner stand is used on tabletops. If you don't really have much space for a banner that stands on the floor, this one can be a great alternative that you should go for. It is still as catchy as the other types of poster stand, however takes less space. 

4. Outdoor Banner Stand 

If you are not planning to promote indoors, you can try looking into an outdoor banner stand which is perfect for outdoor events. It is sturdy, durable, and definitely an ideal solution to your needs. Don't worry about its ease of setup, because this type of stand is easy to assemble as much as the indoor stands. 

5. Fabric Banner Stand 

Fabric is a great alternative for the material of a banner stand graphic.  

With a fabric banner stand, you can easily change the graphics whenever you like it. Also, it can be modified to attach using velcro to make it much easier. Just make sure that you handle the fabric banner stand right so that the graphics won't get damaged or deteriorate too quickly. 

Choosing the best type of banner stand for your needs can get tricky. However, it is very important because you don't want to order for the wrong type that will only end up unused. 

Try to list down the information about your venue, your needs, and preferences so that you can easily match them up with the description and advantages of each type of poster stand. This way, it is much easier to see which one is right for you.