Promoting with a poster or banner? Then you need a poster or banner stand. It is the perfect tool to help you properly display your marketing poster or banner, especially in indoor events. 

There are a lot of different types of stands that you can choose. Let's learn about them here so that you can buy the right one that suits your needs and location requirements. 

But a little before we get into it, you have to know about clip holder and slot holder because these two are used to help you with the poster stand. 

Clip holders are the ones you need to keep your poster steady in one place. Meanwhile, slot holders are what you use to slot your posters in place and hold them steady. 

Keep this in mind, and let's get into the types of poster or banner stands that are available for purchase: 

1. C-Shape Poster Stand 

This poster or banner stand is ad adjustable poster stand that is made from durable stainless steel material. It uses clip holder to hold the poster or banner in place. With this type of poster stand, you will be able to stack and store it easily due to its lightweight material. Even though it is light, it is very durable. 

2. Round Poster Stand 

This type of poster stand has a rounded base. The rounded base will give the poster base more stability even though it is quite heavy. The height of this poster stand is easily adjustable, and you can set it up to 3 meters tall. This type of poster stand uses clip holder to hold up the poster. 

3. Round Metal Poster Stand 

This is quite similar to the previous type of poster stand. The round metal poster stand weighs about 6.5 kg with a rounded base. So, it is very stable. With its metal material and black color, it looks sleek and elegant. Of course, it is definitely flexible with a strong double sided clip holder for displaying the poster. 

4. Aluminum Poster Stand 

Weighs around the same with the black round metal poster stand, this silver colored poster stand made of aluminum weighs about 6.6 kg. It is not any less stable than the rounded metal poster stand. It is also definitely adjustable and it can go as high as 3 m tall. This type of poster stand uses a clip holder to hold the poster or banner.  

If you want one that looks more elegant, then you can go for its black variation. 

5. Frame Poster Stand 

This type of poster stand has a flat base with C-shape. It can hold two posters in the size of A1 on two sides. With its C-shape flat base, it offers you the ease of stacking and storage. It is quite stable, although not as stable as the round poster stand and aluminum poster stand since it is more lightweight than the two. 

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