Every great graphic designer knows the power of using the right background to spice up their designs. The background of any design will determine the design balance, harmony, and beauty. Whether it's a digital wallpaper, banner design, or other design forms, the background has a lot to do with the outcome.  

Here in this piece, we shall be looking at five wallpaper background hacks every graphic designer should know. It is a crash course for people who wants to become better at graphic design. With this, you will be able to deliver a professional and classic digital wallpaper design  or professional logo design that will come out great even if you print it out as a physical wallpaper.  

The Colors 

One of the ways to showcase a design is by selecting great colors that match the design. The visibility and harmony of the design rest a lot on the choice of colors. If you intend to have an excellent background for your graphic design, match the elements' colors to land you a professional look. The icons and texts on your wallpaper design need to make the background superb. 

Transparent Icon On Background 

If you intend to design one of those classic wallpapers, think about using a transparent icon in your wallpaper design. To maximize the design's beauty, let the transparent icon be light-colored while the background is darkened. It will project both the transparent icon and the background with beauty.