It is not uncommon for graphic designers to upload their own projects, both from work or personal projects, to the world since it’s a way to show off their skill. What makes this hard, however, is the fact the said things cannot be done easily on any website. Some website builders are not utilized for artistic uploads. To prevent you from getting those websites, we’ll be here to tell you 5 websites for graphic designers to upload their portfolio. 

1. Jimdo 

If you would like to spend your days not worrying about codes or anything related to it, then I suggest Jimdo as for your online portfolio. The plus point of Jimdo is its smooth navigation for those who are not into technology. It’s simple and does not require the owner of the website to have extra technological knowledge to run it properly. 

If you have some knowledge regarding technology, that doesn’t mean you can’t modify the website. There are widgets that allow you to edit the HTML and the CSS.  

The drawback of Jimdo is the lack of live support  

2. Wix 

When they say that their website building layout is easy, they truly mean it. Wix is famous for its drag-and-drop system that glides smoothly and easily no matter in which laptop you are stuck with. They are also famous for its futuristic features and personalization that will help you to build your initial website through some questions.  

What makes Wix stand out is their price. Their price is inexpensive compared to other website builders. For a website with great UX design and nice features, Wix is another one graphic design agencies should check out. 

3. Shopify 

If selling your work is another purpose of the website, then we would like to recommend Shopify. Shopify is a website that is specifically meant for online shopping. The website has an initial build that allows you to create your own ecommerce website without sweating. You can sell your works within 5 minutes after registering; it’s as easy as that. 

4. Voog 

Is the website going to be your safe space where you have control over everything? Does it need to be perfect? If that’s the case, then Voog what you need. Voog probably has less templates compared to other websites, but the ones available for you are drop-dead gorgeous. You can also set up ecommerce with your Voog website. 

What makes it stand out, however, is the multiple language option. So if you want to cater to all audiences, then go ahead and use Voog.  

5. Squarespace 

Squarespace is built for designers and graphic design agencies out there. It’s simple to use, has easy navigation, and has layouts that are perfect to upload artistic works. The website also has its drag-and-drop, making things smoother. 

There is no free version, and there is only a 14-day trial. However, it is definitely worth every penny spent on it. 

Which website builder will you use for your projects?