Have you ever felt like wanting to try a different kind of infographics for fun? Or maybe you would like to practice your infographics design without wanting to install additional software? If that’s the case, seek no more! This article will give some resources where you can practice your printing and infographics skills the most.

1. Snappa

There are many reasons why many people love Snappa. Snappa has a smooth and futuristic design. The layout of the software itself makes people love the software.

Besides amazing software design, Snappa has images with high resolutions. It also has an interactive UI that allows you to remove backgrounds easily by using a click.

Unfortunately, Snappa’s unlimited features are locked. If you would like to unlock them, you will have to subscribe monthly. If you would like to get a specific feature without paying for everything, they have the paid-for options for you.

2. DesignCap

If you would like to opt for a simple infographic maker that creates infographics as easily as counting 1,2, and 3, then DesignCap is the right website for you. The website has cute icons for your infographic, although they are limited to some designs only (to unlock everything, you have to pay first). If you have your own icons or design, you can upload them easily, too.

3. Visme

The main purpose of Visme is to create a presentation. However, the presentation leans toward minimal written information and more infographics. Visme contains lots of resources that can aid your infographic process, from free fonts to images. You can also use animation to make the infographics look more enchanting.

If you are in a hurry, you can use their pre-made layouts that can be edited right away. All you need to do is drag some sections and replace them with something new. Sounds efficient, isn’t it?

4. Canva Infographic Tool

If Canva might sound familiar to you, it’s because many have been using Canva for various graphic design projects. Of course, infographics are no exception. The online design tool has the amazing features to create some neat-looking infographics for you. They also provide some free images in their library too.

It should be noted that not all images are exactly free, as Canva would upload layouts from other users. If you would like to use the images for commercial use, please as the owner first.

5. Infogram

Snappa has everything you need to create the perfect infographics. The tools can be used to create graphs and charts according to your wish. The tools are free as well, so there is no need for you to spend extra money.

What makes the application stand out is its smooth drag-and-drop feature. You’ll be able to drag your graph easily and edit it just like that.

Once you’re done, you can embed the graph on your website. Neat, isn’t it?

From one to five, which website will you visit to enhance your infographic skills?