Adobe CC is an arsenal for designers who work in graphic design agencies. They might have enough capital to get the Adobe CC whole-package, but for anyone who has limited capital, there will always be affordable alternatives. Even though the options are affordable, the capability of the apps is no doubt. So here is the list of 6 awesome apps as Adobe CC alternatives.

1. Pixlr as a Ps Alvernative

In the term of functionality, Pixlr can be a decent alternative for Ps. Pixlr has features with the help of an AI so the user won’t be tired of doing repetitive work. This app is user-friendly since users can use a slider to adjust the filter. With this feature, users can edit their pictures faster. Besides filter adjustment with sliders, Pixlr also provides graphic elements to choose from their library.

2. Blender as After Effects Alternative

The good news, this app has a free package for Windows, Linux, and Mac. The capability of Blender cannot be underestimated. From beginner to expert, they use Blender to create 3D visual effects and realistic animated graphics. Even though designers need other apps such as Natron for compositing and Filmora for video editing, this app is still top-notch in its class for a free app.

3. DaVinci Resolve as Premier Pro Alternative

This app is also the ace of its class. DaVinci Resolve is used in big movies and TV programs as a professional video-editing tool. Another good news, this app also provides free packages for Mac, Linux, and Windows. For a free app, DaVinci Resolve gives more than enough features. DaVinci Resolve features impressive tools such as curve editors and primary color wheels. It also tracks facial recognition, giving users the opportunity to play with eyes, skin tones, and lip color.

4. Inkscape as Illustrator Alternative

There are alternatives to Illustrator out there, but Inkscape is the top tier. This app has advanced features such as cloned objects, alpha blending, and markers. Not to mention, there is also another pro of this app. Inkscape has a much simpler interface compared to Illustrator. Even though the interface is simpler, it does not mean that this app does not support the users in creating awesome artwork.

5. RawTherapee as Lightroom Alternative

RawTherapee is an open-source app that can work for Windows, Mac, and Linux devices. As the name suggests, this app edits Raw photo files and other formats. When talking about the features, this app is no joke. RawTherapee can boost colors, recover distortion and details, and many more.

6. Scribus as InDesign Alternative

Dealing with layout can be easy with Scribus. This app is free and available for Windows, Linux, and Mac. The stand-out features of Scribus are CMYK colors, spot

colors, ICC color management, and PDF creation. When the user gets into a problem with the app, there is always an active community that is ready to help.

There are no boundaries that can stop designers to make amazing artwork. Affordable tools as the alternatives of Adobe CC are ready to help!