An important aspect of your brand image is graphic design. Meticulous graphic design is an asset that is capable of helping you make your content or product marketing look even better – online, but also on paper.  

Here are our six favorite trends for the coming year in B2B. 

Nature and its wide range  

Colors, textures, light effects, or patterns: nature is everywhere. Water painting also provides an organic effect, while playing with the whites lets the visual or text breathe and the photographs of outdoor spaces stimulates the imagination.  

This trend is the most adequate for businesses that are directly or indirectly involved in nature, whether they are in the agricultural sector or the development of green technologies. But it doesn’t stop there: it can also meet the needs of anyone who wants to project a young and vibrant image during a campaign – advertising, social media, eBook, etc.  

Monochrome or duotone color palettes  

The use of black and white with an accent of color or the variation of the same color in several tones: this trend evokes simplicity and audacity. It provides an impression of coherence while playing on the imaginative combination of mediums or textures without stealing the spotlight from the content. 

Geometric shapes  

Geometric design offers a lot of possibilities: it is as much about harmony and simplicity as it is about the puzzles solved by your company. The eye easily recognizes these geometric shapes, giving a solid foundation to the visual content of your brand.  

Imagine a pattern that would repeat itself, with some variations, from one medium to another (web, advertising, paper, etc.) or think about the play of lines that can recall your logo, for example, on your business cards. Thanks to the efficiency of the forms, this trend evokes above all the concrete, problem solving, reliability, and dynamism. 

Image Blur and Grain  

Combining blur with the accentuated grain of the visual (as with the grain filters) allows you to play with tone on tone by unifying the background, images, and patterns. This trend thus highlights the text or part of the visual by attenuating everything else. Combined with gradients, this design helps to orient the eyes.  

The use of blur and grain can very well match your website or video format. This trend also blends very well with paper and is very popular on social networks.

Moving Graphic Design  

For your social networks, your website, or your newsletters, the goal is to capture the attention of your targets, who are often at the heart of a vortex of content. This trend meets this need by focusing on the animation of your icons or illustrations. It adapts to almost any digital context, which can boost your content and improve your engagement rate!  

This trend is particularly popular for making educational capsules that contain a lot of text more captivating. It gives a punchy or playful appearance to your brand. 

Retro in every way  

The imitation of the styles of past years has crossed the border of clothing fashion to seize the graphic trends in B2B: at the beginning of this decade, nostalgia is in the spotlight! Why not rely on wide typography and land colors inspired by the 1960s or 1970s?  

This trend is fuelled by effects reminiscent of familiar forms of the past, such as comics or old movie posters. For example, you could opt for the recipe book aspect of our grandmothers to illustrate what makes your teamwork successful in your corporate culture guide!