Many husband and wife to be are trying to be more involved in the preparation of their special day. One of the things that a lot of them do is design their own wedding invitation card. Despite being inexperienced, couples try their best in designing and even sometimes printing their own wedding cards. If you are one of those people and wondering how to make your wedding invitation card look decent for your guests, then here are some useful tips and basic rules that you can do: 

First, remember about the elements of the host line, the request line, the names of the bride and groom, the time and date of the event, the location, as well as the reception line if any. 

Now, let's get into the details: 

1. The Host Line 

The host line tells your guests about who is hosting the wedding. Hosts back in the day only refer to the bride's parents. But now, hosts can also be the groom's parents, the bride and the groom, and even step-parents. 

You have to write the names of the hosts properly, using the right honorifics and proper punctuations as well as capitalizations. Some of wedding invitation cards now don't even state the host, and this is okay too. Having no designated host is also acceptable, but stating one is of course preferable and clear to your guests. 

2. The Request Line 

A request line must be present on a wedding invitation to ask the guests' company for your wedding. It is appropriate and proper. There are different ways that you can say this, and you can be as creative as you can. Of course, sticking to the traditional wordings is all right as well. Just make sure that it fits the people that you are inviting and does not offend anyone in any way possible. 

3. Bride and Groom's Names 

The name of the bride usually comes before the groom's name. The bride uses the first and middle name if the parents are included on the wedding invitation card. This is the same for the groom as well. But if the bride and groom host the wedding by themselves, then their last names are required to be included. 

4. Date and Time 

Of course, your guests need to know when the event will be held. Sticking to the basics is best for this element in the wedding invitation design. Write all information in full instead of numerals if you are aiming to be more formal. But of course, you can never do wrong with numbers as well. 

5. Wedding Location 

How are the guests supposed to know where to go if you don't tell them the venue for your wedding? State clearly the address. Some people even include a mini-map of where the wedding will be held so people can find the building much easier. 

6. Reception Line 

A reception card would not be necessary if the wedding and reception are being held in the same place. Simply state that reception is to follow the wedding on your invitation. But if you are holding the reception in a different place, then spend some more time on designing and printing reception cards as well.