Promotion is important to make your business grow and also increase brand awareness. The right promotion will make your product well-known and make a profit. There are many ways to promote your business. One of the easy and creative ways to promote your business is using stickers. Stickers are very effective, friendly, and also low budget. You can easily provide stickers, because there are many services that can print your own stickers, especially printing services in Singapore. Stickers are also flexible items that can be fit for any business or individual purpose. This would be a good idea to allow your business the opportunity to be known by many people.  

Ready to advance your business? Here are 6 creative ways to promote with stickers: 

1. Give Stickers as a Gift 

When customers have purchased your product, give stickers as a gift. This might seem simple, but the customers will feel appreciated. It will give trust and a good impression to customers. Custom your own branding sticker with a unique design, so that it can be easily noticed. Give some stickers with the words ‘’Thank you’’ or ‘’Hope you enjoy the product’’ to the customers.  

2. Use Stickers at Special Events  

Are you planning to make an event related to your product? Don't forget to prepare stickers for customers. Create stickers with a theme that matches the event. This will create an interactive situation and attract the attention of the customer. Usually, people will be attracted by something unique and fun at an event. Stickers can be one of the unique things that attract attention at your event. Giving free stickers can make the event feel enjoyable.