3. Introduce New Products 

Before launching new products, introducing the products is one of the marketing strategies. This makes the products more familiar to the customers. Introducing new products with stickers is a great way to bring excitement. Create stickers that represent the new products. This will build curiosity and hype from customers. 

4. Part of Packaging 

Packaging is the first thing that appears when the customers receive the product. Secure and eye-catching packaging is quite important for a product. If the packaging is good, the customers will be excited when opening the product. Giving stickers for promotion can impress customers and can create a good image for the brand. Stickers have no size limitation, so those can be made according to the size of the packaging. 

5. Give Stickers for Member 

Regular customers are definitely the target of all business owners. Loyal customers who buy products regularly will make the business run well. The way to keep the loyal customers is to give them appreciation. Giving cute stickers is a simple step to give them a friendly impression. This can be an effortless but beneficial advertisement. 

6. Free Stickers While Checkout  

Put a bunch of stickers near the checkout counter and give an instruction ‘’Free to take’’. This can be an option to promote your business. By giving the customers the freedom to take the stickers, it shows a friendly impression. This is a useful way to attract target customers. 

Those are some ways to promote your business with stickers. Choose which way is the best for your business!